Exactly how much time passes from the moment a person is wounded until they start to feel the pain?
Sometimes it’s a second.
Sometimes it’s an hour.
Sometimes it’s more than an eternity.

What can bring us to seek Psychotherapy is a need for someone to hear our experience and to speak to our experience.

We can have more ‘why’s’ than we know what to do with and no clear sense of what we are asking, only that we are asking, and that the pain of not knowing is intolerable.

A journeying through the developmental phases of our childhood to adulthood; to recover and uncover those parts of ourselves that we have perhaps buried and silenced for so long, is a central tenet of my Psychotherapeutic approach.

The seeds that are sown in early childhood are our foundations – environment, family, culture, health – all have a deep and lasting impact and continue to resonate throughout our lives, influencing our choices and the decisions we take.
The Psychotherapeutic journey calls up the quality of letting go and letting come, because the mystery, the truth of our lives arises from a deeper part of the self, which is less afraid of not immediately having a shape to put on every situation. Life is for a moment in one shape, then released into another.

Creativity, vulnerability, and the wounds we carry are at the very heart of the transformative process. They will enable us to find the keys, and when we find the keys we need to turn them deftly as we enter and roam the labyrinths of our experiences – sometimes trying to find a way out, sometimes trying to find the centre – always trying to find a shore.