Quotes 1

“Jo is a master of interactive movement, using many ‘disciplines’. She engenders group awareness and involvement using the good will and sincerity of mutual trust with the pupils. What she says is caring, imaginative and using language immediately accessible to pupils. The lessons are very interactive for the pupils and vibrant. Joanna has deep respect from the pupils who trust her completely. Students come early for the lessons out of keenness for what Jo creates with them.”

Arthur Osmand – Teacher

“As an experienced Play Therapist and Trainer I was quite amazed at the depth which I experienced while working alongside Jo during a group we held together. I came away feeling quite grounded, more connected within myself and quite excited about how much the children were experiencing of themselves and of each other. How they felt nurtured to extend themselves and their abilities. The work they did within movement was very “heart felt and ‘moving” to say the least.”

Karla Burley – Play Therapist

“Jo Betts has developed singular vision as to the inner needs of children. She has evolved methods, as a movement therapist and a musician, which allow the unfolding of a child’s individuality, helping to heal the emotional scars which most of us carry.”

Stuart Korth, DO DPO FICO