Movement Therapy

I have been working with children and young adults for the past 32 years, drawing upon a background in the performing arts, music, movement, and teaching and through research and collaboration.

I have been trained in Movement Therapy, Music Therapy and Pedagogical Education.

The three-year training to become a Pedagogical Educator and Music Therapist involved working, living with and caring for children with additional needs in The Camphill Schools Aberdeen. During and after completion of my five-year Movement Therapy training, I lived with children and young adults with extreme additional needs in Camphill Ballytobin in the south of Ireland. At this time I also began working with children who have Emotional Behavioural Disorders in schools in England.

During training, working, living with and caring for children with diverse additional needs, provided me with an invaluable in-depth hands-on experience, an experience of the whole child, and it gave me the opportunity to witness and support them in all aspects of their lives.

At all times I taught alongside these trainings, developing the practical skills and honing what I believe to be the three pillars of excellent teaching: Observation, Intuition and Perception.

I have also learned a HUGE amount from raising my own 4 children.